Charges for Eye Care Services and Products - Self-Pay/Uninsured Patients


We want to be transparent in our pricing with all our patients. Below you will find charges for the services and products we provide. If you have questions regarding how much your care will cost, please speak with the office manager.

Please note that for some services, we give a large discount if our fees are paid on or before the day of service. We accept most major credit cards, checks, and cash. If your check is returned to us for non-payment, we will assess a charge to you according to our Terms and Conditions of Care (available at, in addition to any collections charges.

These rates do not generally apply to insured patients, as rates for insured patients are set by our contract with the insurer. We usually can not tell you how much insurance will cover, as insurance plans vary. You can call your insurance company to find out how much they will cover. If you request it, our office manager can give you the billing codes for the charges below, which you will need when speaking with your insurance company. If a service is not covered by your insurance, you may be responsible for charges at the self-pay rate.

If you have financial need, please speak to the office manager, as we can provide reduced price care for financial hardship.

Prices effective February 28, 2024.

For patients receiving an estimate of charges: